Weingut Schenk-Siebert

Schenk-Siebert is a family-type winery, located in the Pfalz region. Gerhard Siebert, 50, is a very dynamic wine-maker who perfectly unites tradition and newer methods of wine making in this vineyards of almost 30ha. This is underlined by the fact that he won the prize “Best of Riesling 2010” among 120 competitors from Germany, Luxembourg and Eastern France. His Rieslings are full and fruity and rigorously pre-selected. You can tell by the wines that much effort is given here.

2009 Sausenheimer Honigsack Riesling Spätlese

As per the name Honigsack, hints of honey emerges from this elegant yet intense wine with a lightly sweet and fruity palate. It is never cloying and matches well with lightly flavored Asian cuisine.
*Silver medal winner in German wine competition


2009 Sausenheimer Honigsack Riesling Spätlese (1.5L)