Suenen (Cramant)


What WEA say?

Aurélien Suenen‘s story seems to come right out of a Japanese manga. Working as a basketball coach for young children and training for the day to be a professional basketball player, his life took a turn in 2008, when he was just 23 years old. Due to the illness of his father, he went back to Champagne full-time to take over the reins of the family Domaine which started way back in 1898. 2010 was the first year he started with his own philosophy of winemaking and in 2012 started with his own philosophy in the vineyard.


Aurélien is one of the most passionate vigneron we’ve met. We spent an hour talking with him in his spanking clean winery in Cramant and a further hour with him in the vineyards (Cramant, Oiry and Chouilly) where he elaborated with us his philosophy and vision, citing Selosse and Agrapart as his inspirations (and mentors). He works alone full-time in his 3.5ha of vines, mostly in the Côte des Blancs.


At the moment, we are offering three cuvées which are almost a legacy from his father’s era (but made by him). The range actually starts with a Reservé which we are not offering. Instead we start off with the Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru from his best parcels in the Côte des Blancs. Next is a Rosé which has only 7% of Pinot Noir – this is not a fruity wine but instead serves to add a tinge of red fruits into the Chardonnay blend. And finally the MBDA – an experimental cuvée from Aurélien which entirely represents his own philosophy. This is the first time this cuveé appears and will be the last as well. The range will gradually change from next year onwards with more single vineyard and single vintage cuveés which is the ultimate goal of the Domaine. This will be a very exciting Domaine to follow!


WEA are proud to represent Champagne Suenen into the Singapore market – for the first time ever! We were convinced by Aurélien’s philosophies and even more impressed with his wines. There are a few Domaines we work with that we barely have enough wines to be commercially viable and unfortunately this is one of those.
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