Meuneveaux (Aloxe-Corton)

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What WEA say?

Aloxe-Corton is hardly the most popular village in Burgundy and Domaine Meuneveaux is not a household name… yet. However, they make one of the most exciting and honest wines we tasted during our Burgundy trip.

It is not a secret that wines from the Cote de Beaune often play second fiddle to their brethren from the Cote de Nuits. This is more so for the Singapore market where frankly speaking, many have not heard of Aloxe-Cortons or even Corton Grand Crus. Following a glowing review from Neal Martin (who in turn discovered it from Bill Nanson), we made an appointment to visit Didier and his son Freddy Meuneveaux.

Our fears were unfounded. The Domaine makes very honest wines. They own 6 ha of vineyards and in the past most of their grapes were sold to negociants. 2014 is the third vintage by Freddy, supported by his father Didier and his wife Daisy, a certified winemaker from Oregon. Having done his apprenticeship at Oregon and neighboring Tollot-Beaut, he is already crafting wines which are fine, elegant and terroir-driven – in short adhering to the basic fundamentals and not the flashy modern wines so popular with some young turks lately. The 2013s on offer are completely destemmed without new oak.

With Freddy at the helm, we are confident that the quality produced here can only go up. If he was based in Vosne, he would have become a superstar already! I know it won’t be easy for me to sell these wines in Singapore but I am confident once you’ve tasted them, you will know why I am so enthused.


What do the Critics say?

Allen Meadows in Burghound #58

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Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

“Look out for Frédéric Meuneveaux. I simply liked his simple approach to his wines that were surfeit with freshness and vitality.”