Jacques Cacheux (Vosne-Romanée)


What WEA say?

Several months ago, WEA held a blind horizontal tasting of 2005 Vosne-Romanee villages. Amongst the heavy-hitters were Arnoux, Grivot and Cathiard. However, the wine which surprised many of us (including me) in this blind tasting was from Jacques Cacheux. The wine was extremely balanced with beautiful layers of Vosne spice and fruit. It was emptied the fastest. When I unblinded the wines I got a shock because I was expecting this to be the Grivot! Then I knew, I need to find out more about this Domaine.

This Domaine of 7 ha, headed by Patrice Cacheux (and soon his son Charles) makes SIX different cuvees of Vosne-Romanee villages from various lieux-dits. Les Chalandins and Les Ormes from the northern side towards Flagey-Echezeaux. Les Genaivrières (made famous by Domaine Leroy’s version) in the middle. Aux Reas and Raviolles in the southern section beside Nuits St Georges. Finally, there’s also a generic Vosne-Romanee villages in which Patrice chooses the most the approachable barrels amongst the various cuvees to blend into a wine for earlier drinking, mostly for restaurant clients. The wines are all 100% destemmed.

After that there’s a tiny 0.04ha of Les Brulees, from Patrice’s wife (and which harvesting is done by his wife and daughter – wife of Pierre Duroché) and then Echezeaux Grand Cru from the lieux-dits of En Orveaux, Champs Traversins, Poullalieres and Les Cruots. The last wine to be served is always the Vosne-Romanee 1er La Croix Rameau, despite it being a mere Premier Cru. With the proximity to Romanee St Vivant (RSV) Grand Cru, this combines the lovely aromatics of RSV with the body and power of Les Suchots.

Patrice is not a fan of journalists and publicity so you rarely see reviews and press articles. That’s why they remain very much under-the-radar and these helps the wines stay at very very good value. As usual we pick the best wines in the range so you do not have to. In this case, out of the six Vosnes, we identified Les Ormes, Aux Reas and Les Genaivrières as the best in the range. Production for 2013 is the lowest in the past 3 years, so very little to go round.

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