Cheurlin Noëllat




What WEA say?

At WEA Wines, we are always on the lookout for great wines with great value. The same holds for the Champagnes we offer. Amidst the sea of Moëts and Heidsiecks being bandied around, a beacon of light shines from Cheurlin Noëllat, an artisanal winery producing gorgeous Champagnes.

The story of how we discovered this winery is pure serendipity. During our Burgundy trip, we met Maxime Cheurlin, the young superstar winemaker from Domaine Georges Noëllat and found out that their family also produces Champagne. WEA immediately decided on the spot to introduce the wines here in Singapore!

The winery is itself a marriage of two families, Cheurlin from Champagne and Noëllat from Burgundy. The family estate is located at Bar-sur-Seine the heart of the prestigious Côte des Bar. Their vineyard extends from Bar-sur-Seine to Essoyes in the middle of the Côte des Bar. The terroir here is close to Burgundy and there are lots of Pinot Noir in the blend.