Anne-Sophie Dubois (Fleurie)

2017-10-25 10.59.49

Anne-Sophie Dubois (from a Champagne family) started making wines here since her mid-20s and her wines get better and better. Her vines are all from the very steep climat of Les Labourons which surrounds the Domaine like a amphitreatre. The micro-climate there is also cooler than other parts of Fleurie. Part of the 8 ha of vineyards are sold to the local co-op but will be taken back from 2019 onwards as demand for her wines in the export market has escalated.

The style here is a mix of classicism and naturalish. Little sulfur is used and vinification is semi-carbonic maceration. Clean wines with no funk.


  • Fleurie “l’Alchimiste”
    From climat of Les Labourons. From younger vines and aged in a mix of barrels and tanks. This is already very expressive and generous now.
  • Fleurie “Clepsydre”
    From climat of Les Labourons. From older vines (>60 years) and aged in barrels. More serious, but also more tight. This needs lots of decanting to provide maximum pleasure. At our recent tasting, this took 1-2 hour to open up. Initially it seemed rather monolithic, but soon after wow, it revealed its complexity and depth. A serious Bojo!

“A great find – easy wines if you wish and more profound wines – if you wish. An excellent new address.” – Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report.

The Domaine was hit by frost but was spared the hailed in 2016. The grapes are very clean and shows in the purity of the wines this vintage. Less dense fruit than the ’15s but more charming and attractive already. 2016 Anne-Sophie Dubois Fleurie L’Alchimiste ($46) and 2016 Anne-Sophie Dubois Fleurie Clepsydre ($52) are available in WEA Wines Singapore now. These are some of the best wines in our range and there are absolutely smashing for all occasions.

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