2014 Burgundy En Primeur: Marc Roy (Gevrey-Chambertin)

The critics all agree… Domaine Marc Roy is making some of the finest and exciting Gevreys around. They are something of an insider’s secret amongst Burgundy geeks. The Domaine only owns 4ha of vines, so these wines are not commonly seen here until WEA took the challenge of bringing them in. The quantities produced are very limited so you rarely see them in the secondary market too. Like they say – once gone forever gone.

If you are new to us, briefly some back story. Alexandrine (daughter of Marc Roy) took over the Domaine in 2003 and the wines have never looked back. The most interesting thing about this Domaine is that they produce only villages-level wines. All reds from Gevrey and a lone white from Marsannay. The reds comprises of a basic old vines cuvee, two single vineyard cuvees (La Justice and Clos Prieur) and finally the very interesting flagship Cuvee Alexandrine made only from shot berries (tiny concentrated grapes) from six parcels.

The signature of the wines are the transparency, drinkability and the gorgeous aromatic profile. These are wines which outperform their humble origins and can be broached young. The single vineyards are often mistaken as Premier Crus and the Cuvee Alexandrine beats many Grand Crus in blind tastings!

“As usual, the wines provide quality considerably above their appellations, easily justifying the prices, which are above average for the village appellation.”
“I was blown away the first time I tasted her wines, and my tasting of the 2014 vintage from cask just confirmed my passion for these wines.”

(Featured in the cover of Japanese Wineart magazine – Rising Stars in Burgundy 2015. Follow them on Facebook here.)

These wines are not for label-drinkers – no Grand Crus here. Those who have tried these wines with me will know that these are wines that you truly need to taste to be awed. Unfortunately I’m unable to open a bottle for every one of you so you have to trust me when I say these are some of the most outperforming Gevrey villages around.