2014 Burgundy En Primeur: Berthaut (Fixin)

Domaine Berthaut is exactly the kind of winery WEA love to work with. Firstly, there’s a young and very talented new generation taking over the winery – 28 year old Amélie (only child of Denis Berthaut). Secondly, the wines come from an off-the-beaten path village – Fixin, north of Gevrey and hence still provide tremendous value. Lastly, and of course most importantly, the wines here are SUPERBE!

“Given the choice of visiting such a grower as Amélie Berthaut and an established name in Gevrey-Chambertin or Vosne-Romanée, I’d hop in my car and drive north to Fixin to this domaine.”
– Neal Martin, Wine Advocate (p.s. I would do the same too)

This is the second vintage we’ve brought in the wines and our range has widened significantly. We start with a basic Fixin (our new housepour) and then two single vineyard Fixins – Les Crais and En Combe Roy. The former from an average of 40 year old vines and latter from 55 year old vines. Further up the hierarchy is the Premier Cru of Les Arvelets. From the next village we have the Gevrey-Chambertin “Clos des Chezeaux”, a monopole right below Les Cazetiers and the Premier Cru of Les Cazetiers itself. Moving much further south we have the Vosne-Romanee which comes from 2 plots – Les Reas and Au Dessus de la Riviere.

“… Les Crais and En Combe Roy, which must be the best two Fixin village crus that I have ever encountered.”
– Neal Martin, Wine Advocate.

(Amélie, at the ripe old age of 28, making wines more thrilling than many of the seniors of the village.)

Seriously there hasn’t been any “benchmark” producers in Fixin till Amélie came into the picture. I’ve been visiting Burgundy for many years but visiting their Domaine last year was my first time entering the village of Fixin! Recently I’ve heard many complaining about the high prices of Burgundy but these wines will show you otherwise.

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