WEA are not Wine Exchange Asia

Dear friends,

Just a brief update here as I was amused to see a mailer sent out by a fellow wine merchant, Wine Exchange Asia, claiming that we are imitating them. It’s funny because WEA has been the go-to house for German Rieslings since late 2011 and it’s only now we are receiving mention from them. Well, we do appreciate this added publicity!

Jokes aside, at WEA Wines our focus is vastly different from Wine Exchange Asia. For a start, our roots lie in German Rieslings. Over time we have also ventured into the realm of fine wines, mostly from France. We do not see ourselves peddling mainstream Australian wines as our love remains with more artisanal wines from the Old World. Wines which we love to drink ourselves. Many of our offers are sent out via our mailing list so if you are not receiving it yet, do drop us an email or submit your email address on the form on the right column.